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DBSentry Corp. eNewsletter (May 2006, Vol 1 No 3)
DBSentry Corp. introduces integrated document management with Account Payable Automation for PeopleSoft Financial
How does Samhita® Integrated Document Management respond to your Account Payable Challenges?
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Automating Account Payables for PeopleSoft

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Samhita® Integrated Document Manager extends the electronic document management functionality in addition to providing a robust image repository and workflow solutions engine to streamline the organization’s account payables, expense management and employee data management and maintenance for the organization.

The integrated module allows you:

  • Electronically capture invoices as soon as they enter your organization and route for invoice entry

  • Build a repository to hold the indexed invoices, as images are stored as images

  • Retrieve information from the repository at any time with ease

  • Apply workflow to automate your process of routing invoices around the enterprise

  • Generate reports that give you an instant view of your commitments, and performance of the AP function

Steps involved in streamlining AP Processes using Samhita® Integrated Document Manager

Process 1 - Supplier invoice is scanned in batches after which they are stored and queued in Samhitaâ Integrated Document Manager for the AP Associate to access during data entry.

Process 2 – The scanned invoices from Process 1, is presented to the AP Associate directly from the PeopleSoft Financial Screen. The AP Associate can access the invoice images with a click of a button provided on the PeopleSoft Screen. Invoice data and image of the invoice are automatically made available to PeopleSoft Quick Invoice, Regular Voucher, and associated AP workflows.

Process 3 – Once the information has been submitted in PeopleSoft, the images are indexed and stored in the Samhita Integrated Document Manager Repository.

Process 4 – The invoice images can be retrieved any time from the repository during various processes like invoice approval, invoice inquiry saving time and cost involved in handling paper invoives.


Responding to your challenges
Capturing invoices, checking for accuracy, attributing the cost to the right business area and making payouts on time are the milestones of an effective Account Payable function one that supports business and helps maintain excellent supplier relationships.

However, companies with high invoice volumes or complex approval and sign off procedures have already invested a huge amount in implementing ERP solutions to manage such complexities. If we take a closer look, what they get deprived of is a robust image repository and workflow solution engine to streamline the accounts payable business processes.

For companies who maintain invoices in Paper form, AP may be fraught with frustrating delays and errors. In these cases, invoices are slowly and inefficiently routed around the enterprise for posting, approvals and payments. Paper is often lost, manual data entry creates mistakes and suppliers become disgruntled.

All companies’ today face similar challenges in their Account Payable processes. As per one of the leading analysts manual invoice handling costs $15 to $50 to the process.

Samhita® Integrated Document Manager frees you from this manual handling and automates the invoice workflow. This increases the efficiency and speed of your invoice processing, reduces data entry errors, significantly reduces labor costs, and allows employees to focus on higher value activities.

Impact On Your Business Performance & IT Investments
Business Performance:   Savings and Return on Existing IT Investments:
Eliminates time- consuming, repetitive invoice handling tasks Minimizes cost of capturing invoices by managing electronic invoices
Eliminates drawn out manual matching of invoices to orders and contracts Optimizes cash flow with timely payments
Minimizes manual data entry errors Leverages IT investments with integration with existing PeopleSoft Financial.
Accelerates the invoice approval process With Samhita integration organizations can cut 40 – 60% organizations invoice processing cost
Enables fast reporting on AP performance    
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