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Impact of SAMHITA Document Manager on your business

A disproportionate amount of time and administrative resources is consumed just getting the documents approved for further processing. The problem becomes compounded when documents are lost when being circulated for clearance and even more time is then lost in the retrieval process.

Even if missing documentation is successfully recovered from the system, the delay will have caused major inconvenience. If it is not recovered, the effects on business are routinely disruptive, and in extreme cases, disastrous.

Samhita® redefines the concept of office management where problems arise because of complexity of transactions, and the vast amount of paperwork that is generated. Samhita® is a powerful document management and an integrated solution that goes far beyond conventional document capture and storage. Uniquely flexible, the package allows systems to be configured to meet customers’ specific needs.

Samhita® benefits can be grouped into two main categories:

Improve Business Effectiveness and Efficiency
Reduce time to complete processes –
Faster retrieval of documents through advance search capabilities and storing of documents in a structured manner allows queries to be resolved faster and saves time and free staff to focus more effectively on important tasks.

Improved regulatory compliance –
Samhita’s workflow and its constant document and user security controlling access to files along with a strong audit trail and version control ensures customers remain compliant to regulatory requirements.

Central Management and control of documents –
Improve the flow of information and documents within the organization and suppliers while still enforcing security and document confidentiality.

Immediate electronic retrieval of documents–
Tight integration of Samhita with business application allows staff to access the supporting documents to a particular transaction while working on the system screen. Resulting in reduction in paper work, removing the paper chase and reduction in the number of documents printed.

Reduce facilities and storage cost –
Samhita provides a web-based solution replacing the traditional paper file system. Store documents at a centralized location and access information irrespective of where they are located from a standard browser.

Improve Cash flow –
Samhita provides a tight integration with existing applications. All documents that relate to an accounting transaction are centrally managed and available immediately when required.
Adapt to the changes in Business Environment
Disaster Recovery -
– One of the primary reasons for providing a centralized management facility is to provide a failsafe archive and a disaster recovery strategy to protect your documents. It is our objective to build your confidence in your protection against damage or loss due to fire, flood, tornado, vandalism, and more

Security and Control -
Samhita gives you total control over your documents. It gives you detail history of who has accessed the documents and track the changes made to a document.

Visibility and availability of information-
Samhita is a web-based solution. Since it supports all standard browser, documents can be accessed irrespective of geographical location. It can manage all kinds of documents and a strong workflow makes the flow of documents easy overcoming various process related bottlenecks.

Improved Corporate Image -
Samhita provides a platform to manage information in a structured manner. Various factors like quick retrieval of information when required improves service and information availability at the right time develops confidence amongst the staff to tackle difficult situations.
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