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DBSentry products and services are designed to provide a sophisticated yet user-friendly document management framework that quickly and cost-effectively leverages your technology investments to help organisation manage documents better.

Product Suite
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Problems We Solve

Time consuming document searches. Records security. Storage space costs. Regulatory compliance. Whether your concern is streamlining operations for a more robust bottom line or managing your vendors and internal / external customers more effectively, paper filing systems pose significant challenges to your business in the form of increasing costs and loss of productivity.

Management Concerns

  • Top decision-makers need fast, reliable information access to maintain their organization’s competitive edge.
  • The bottom-line impact of paper file management is an equally important concern.
  • Leveraging existing business application to show lower cost of ownership
  • Maximizing existing resources productivity and efficiency is another still.

Company Secretary Concerns

  • Record managers, Company Secretaries always remain the human center of an organization’s information management operation.
  • Solving day-to-day record management difficulties is at the heart of the DBSentry’s software development effort.
  • Samhita offers advantages that help you capture, upload, manage, maintain and safeguard your organization’s document repository.

End Users Concerns

  • Scanner operators and data-entry staff face an organization’s paper problems head-on as part of their daily routines. Their fast acceptance is crucial to the success of your document imaging and management solution.
  • Ease of use, visual filling abilities and fast document retrieval, allows staff with modest computer experience to pinpoint documents in seconds.
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