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Innovation redefining “Paperless Office”
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Samhita® Enterprise Document Management software offers an organization wide platform for capturing, creating, managing, retrieving and archiving large volumes of documents.

Samhita® incorporates best practices to redefine the transition from an office based on paper documents to an office based on electronic documents. Samhita® not only helps organizations manage the increasing volumes of paper documents; it also provides a platform to organize and monitor unstructured data.

An integral part of the DBSentry Solutions’ product suite, Samhita Enterprise Document Management offers a wide range of functionalities, which help organizations reduce misfiling, document retrieval time and costly photocopying and paper distribution – all processes that impede information access.

The electronic document management features in Samhita are essential functionality for the organization and maintenance of files and documents. The web based document management software from DBSentry Solutions brings a number of benefits to end users working or managing documents throughout the document life cycle.

Benefits Include

Secured Document Access
Samhita® incorporates industry standard security features that allows secure control and authorization of users as they access documents. Samhita® security features provides a tight control of who can access what folders, documents and information and the degree of access they can have (read, add, edit, delete and Admin). It also provides advance security to a granular level by providing encryption on documents, which gives option to access Folders, but restrict access to documents within the Folders.

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User Access Audit Report
Samhita® incorporates and essential requirement for regulatory compliance – of who added or read the document / record or when it was deleted from the repository. It also tracks the movement of the documents through a document life cycle with proof of access and changes at every stage of the process and the cycle.

Document Version Control
Samhita® provide an easy to use Check in/ Check out facility that prevents documents from being overwritten of deleted as documents are updated. Document can be easily rolled back to their previous versions as and when required. All the versions are maintained and can be viewed from within the browser. Each document version allows user to track the timing of when the versions were added and who added them.

Document Watch
Users can subscribe to documents or folders using this feature. This allows users or a user group to be notified of changes or addition of documents in Samhita®. Users can manage all the document subscription of watch from a central list.

Retrieve critical documents faster
Samhita® provides advanced document search and retrieval features to ensure that users are more productive than before as the search time reduces drastically. There are multiple search options provided by Samhita® to make sure, User get the information they are looking for how they want it whenever they want it.

Centralized Storage
Samhita® provides a centralized repository to streamline the management of mission critical documents maintaining current and effective versions of business documents.

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