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The business of hiring today demands fast response times, smart decision-making, and the ability to build strong, loyal relationships in an often-unpredictable environment. Achieving a combination of client satisfaction and revenue optimization can be challenging with the growing requirement of talent pool management for Corporate Human Resources as well as Staffing Consultants.


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Working through the recruiting process, you have to be on top of every step, from client generation to candidate screening and assessment.

The constant need of generating candidates from a vast pool of resources at any time poses significant challenges, dealing with the overwhelming amount of applications, resumes, and emails that come your way day after day. These need to be managed and responded to promptly while using fewer admin resources and freeing up those for other tasks.

  • Improve Recruiter and Recruitment Team performance
  • Reduce time and cost per hire
  • Improve overall quality of hire

Responding to Your Challenges:

An integral part of the DBSentry Solutions’ product suite and also available as managed services, Docucentral® is an ideal solutions for staffing agencies to quickly deliver high-quality resources that meet the exact technical and soft skill requirements of your clients. It allows you to optimize your resources and maximize your revenues.

Available as a “Managed Services” option, a subscription model that reduces IT overheads and streamlines your business processes, helping you manage top quality placements and high candidate and client retention with best-of-breed technology. Solutions bring a number of benefits to end users making sure they have access to the updated information round the clock.

Benefits Include

File Candidate Information in a Single Place
As recruiters you might get hundreds of resumes a day from job
seekers. Besides resumes there are documents like reference letters, employment history, etc which you collect from the candidates. Docuentral® provides you a system to store these files and easily retrieve when a client calls.

Efficient resource tracking
Docucentral® allows you to make fast, accurate placements that precisely matches your customer requirements with a searchable record of all the resources. Allow recruiters to quickly generate a shortlist of candidates from within the existing talent pool, helping them get a jump on the competition.

Provide a structure to your information
Docucentral® allows you to manage your applicant details in a structured manner, providing you a centralized repository to manage the available talent pool. All the incoming resumes can be uploaded from your desktop; the application can automatically distribute the information in specific folders.

Efficient time sheet management
Docucentral® allows you to maintain and track the time sheet of the resource provided by you to your client ensuring, process optimization and eliminating any processing bottlenecks.

Faster retrieval of information
Docucentral® allows you to access information any time anywhere. With Docucentral® you can extract contact information of relevant resource by a click of a button and create a digital profile without the need of time-consuming data entry.

Improve Productivity
Docucentral® brings to your table online capabilities for timesheet management to reduce the cost of temporary staffing and improve the experience for your work force. Resume extraction automatically takes data from electronic resumes, virtually eliminating time-consuming data entry and allowing for quick and simple searches.

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