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SFU - Scan Forwarding Unit
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SFU® is a convenient and effective scanning software product for organizations that desire a simple and user friendly solution to quickly convert paper business documents into suitable electronic format, archived and available on your network for storage and retrieval. SFU® is a part of the complete product suite available for capturing, creating and storing electronic documents for faster retrieval and secured storage. It is compatible with Samhita® Enterprise Document Manager and support most brand high speed as well as low speed scanners. SFU® in conjunction with DMS brings a number of benefits to end users working or managing paper documents in an organization

Benefits Include

Easy conversion of Paper documents
SFU® provides an easy to use web based client application to convert mission critical paper documents to suitable and searchable electronic formats.

Eliminate Processing Bottle Necks
SFU® eliminates the bottlenecks of transferring paper documents through manual means saving a huge amount of cost. Irrespective of the geographical location, SFU® allows user to upload the scanned images on to the central image repository at your HQ or the central processing Unit irrespective of location.

Central Management and control of document conversion
SFU® improves the flow of scanned information allowing the management of the scanning process to be controlled from a single point of administration. The administrator can provide a specific location to upload to each user, therefore allowing user to save time and uploading the scanned documents real time as well as schedule the same to upload at a later time.

Save Huge Cost
SFU® save a huge costs by unifying the process of scanning, document separation, indexing and filling, when there are millions of pages need to be scanned and uploaded

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