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PeopleSoft AP
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“The proper management of your invoices can make the difference between millions of dollars saved and millions lost”

Accounts Payable (AP) departments in today’s global organizations carry the major burden of the operations. The department is always under the scrutiny of audits and operate under increasingly strict and fluctuating requirements. From satisfying external customer demands to meeting internal financial margins, much depends on the success and efficiency of your Accounts Payable team.

DBSentry Solutions, is proud to partner with Oracle in bringing complementary, document management and workflow solutions to Oracle users worldwide.

Samhita, which is DBSentry Solutions’ flagship software for document management for PeopleSoft - Accounts Payable reduces the cost per transaction of invoice processing through powerful invoice capture and automated invoice routing. By seamlessly integrating with PeopleSoft Financials, Samhita for PeopleSoft Enterprise - Accounts Payable provides a robust image repository and workflow solution engine to streamline your organizations accounts payable business processes.

Benefits Enterprise-Wide:

Centralize Your Vendor Documents
Create a secure and instantly accessible repository for all documents supporting AP transactions.

Eliminate Processing Bottlenecks
Monitor how inbound documents are handled, their volume and the time it takes to get them entered and processed.

Speed Approval Process
Create and monitor workflow environments to ensure documents are reviewed in a timely fashion.

Rapidly Resolve Invoice Discrepancies
View purchase orders and invoices side-by-side to quickly spot items that cause delays in processing.

Improve Vendor Relations
Eliminate lost, misplaced or destroyed paper documents resulting in lost discounts or unpaid invoices.

Lower Cost of Meeting Regulatory Requirements
Quickly and easily audit Oracle transactions against source documents and provide backup to auditors and regulatory bodies.

Boost Employee Morale
Electronically capture expense receipts and other documentation for faster, more accurate report processing.

Spend Less on Paper
Eliminate the need to photocopy documents for distribution.


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