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PeopleSoft AP
PeopleSoft HR
“The proper management of your current
employee information and new recruit data can make the difference between amout of time and resource saved and time and resource lost”

Human Resource (HR) departments in today’s global organizations have to manage a large amount of information and paper files. The department is always interface between the employees and the organization. From maintaining employee benefits to managing employee information to recruiting the right people the HR has to manage all.

DBSentry Solutions, is proud to partner with Oracle in bringing complementary, document management and workflow solutions to Oracle users worldwide.

Samhita, which is DBSentry Solutions’ flagship software for document management for PeopleSoft – Travel and Expence streamlines employee expense receipt processing by providing instant, integrated access to receipts that support a PeopleSoft transaction. Seamlessly integrating with PeopleSoft HR, Samhita for PeopleSoft Enterprise – Time and Expense provides a robust image repository and workflow solution engine to streamline your organizations human resource business processes.

The integrated products will provide you with the opportunity to design and implement processes that streamline operations, while ensuring integration, visibility and control across your organization.


Benefits Enterprise-wide:

Centralize Your Expense Records
Create a secure and instantly accessible repository for all travel- and expense-related documents.

Eliminate the AP Paper Chase
Receipts faxed and e-mailed by employees are automatically bound to their respective PeopleSoft transactions, requiring no manual sorting or entry.

Protect Corporate Records
Secure electronic records bind receipts to a PeopleSoft expense transaction and minimize the potential for lost, misplaced, destroyed or orphaned receipts.

Improve Employee Accountability
Reallocate the expense/receipt matching responsibility to submitting employees.

Speed the Reimbursement Process
Monitor workflow to ensure that supporting receipts are reviewed in a timely fashion.

Rapidly Resolve Discrepancies
Authorized employees can instantly view receipts directly from PeopleSoft.

Enhance Expense Control and Regulatory Compliance
Readily audit employee expenses in PeopleSoft against receipts and provide backup to auditors and regulatory bodies.

Save Storage Space
Eliminate bulky filing cabinets and free up valuable office space.


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