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Education segment has been one of the most paper intensive organizations in the world. Over the years a plethora of documents have to be stored for future reference and is not limited to one department either. From the admissions office to human resources to the physical plant, almost every department in educational institutions is inundated with paper documents.

Considering the growing population of students resulting in continuous requirement for additional resources for management and complying with regulatory authorities. Pressure is always mounting in order to manage large volume of documents using incompatible record systems and paper based filing systems that complicate information storage and retrieval.

Your Challenges

  • Valuable office and classroom space consumed by physical document storage
  • Money and time spent searching for lost and misfiled documents
  • Time-consuming manual searches for transcripts, School Board meeting minutes and other administrative and student records
  • Difficulty controlling access to sensitive student and personnel documents
  • Incompatible electronic records systems that complicate information storage and retrieval
  • Cumulative impact on your district’s ability to serve more students, parents and the community at large with fewer resources

Our Solution

DBSentry delivers high-volume document archival, retrieval and distribution across the building’s network and throughout the other centers of education. DBSentry helps reduce or eliminate misfiling, time spent searching for documents and costly paper reproduction and distribution methods that impede information access. DBSentry is a flexible solution that adapts to meet multi-departmental needs and allows staff to maintain preferred procedures.

DBSentry’s sophisticated yet user-friendly solutions help you remove the silos of documents and create a single repository that facilitates sharing of information regardless of the department or application including Accounting, Production, Human Resource and many other.

With DBSentry solutions Educational institutions can realize:

  • Reclamation of productive space and eliminate file cabinets with digital document storage
  • Instant records access with intelligent search, retrieval & distribution
  • Transcripts, disciplinary actions, etc., archived in individual electronic folders and full-text indexed for constant availability
  • Comprehensive security protects records from unauthorized use
  • Simplified integration with student information management systems and other applications in district-wide use
  • The cumulative benefits of saved time, reduced costs, enhanced security and more efficient service

DBSentry product suite comprises of the best of breed enterprise and integrated document management software, which redefine paperless environment for organization as well as justify their investment in technology.

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