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Samhita® Integrated Document Management software offers an organization wide platform for capturing, managing, and retrieving documents supporting transactions within business applications

An integral part of the DBSentry Solutions’ product suite, Samhita® Integrated Document Management offers a wide range of functionalities, which help organizations reduce cost per transaction of supporting documents processing through powerful document capture and automated routing.

Samhita® Integrated Document Manager extends the electronic document management functionality in addition to providing a robust image repository and workflow solutions engine to streamline the organization’s account payables, expense management and employee data management and maintenance for the organization. The web based integrated document management software from DBSentry Solutions brings a number of benefits to end users working or managing documents throughout the transaction life cycle.

Benefits Include

Reduce time to complete processes
Samhita® provides a central image repository that results in immediate availability of information. This considerably reduces process time as queries are resolved and claims are processed more efficiently providing more professional service. The system saves a lot of time and free resources can focus more effectively on important tasks.

Improved Regulatory Compliance
Samhita® eliminates the risk of non – conformance leading to fines or at worst license withdrawal when audited. The integrated document management allows quick and easy audits on transactions against source documents and provide backup to auditors and regulatory bodies.

Eliminate Processing Bottle Necks
Samhita® offers a comprehensive workflow to streamline the time taken for data entered into the application to the invoice / transaction getting processed. Integration allows the system to use the existing workflow process in the business application therefore allowing quicker user acceptance.

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Rapidly Resolve Discrepancies
Samhita® integrated document management offers a tight integration, therefore allowing user to simultaneously view the transactions along with the supported documents. This helps improve customer service as well as vendor relations since all the invoice related as well as customer related discrepancies can get resolved on the same call.

Central Management and control of documents
Samhita® improves the flow of information and documents between staff, suppliers and customers while enforcing strong security and document confidentiality. This allows management to manage mission critical documents from a central location, with the transaction details and vendor information being stored within the business application.

Improve Cash flow
Samhita® provides pre-defined workflows that provides the ability to specify the order of invoice processing, allowing organizations to capitalize on preferred vendors, geographic location. This improves the management of invoices and documents in a more organized manner.

Optimize corporate performance
With Samhita® Integrated document management you can minimize the costs and complexity of developing and maintaining your invoice processing system. By providing a tight integration, it allows you to adapt to new requirements well within the timeline and the budget. With the visibility and control of all your AP / HR processes it helps you reduce AP cycles, streamline efficiencies, improve accountability and optimize corporate performance.

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