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No one talks much about file synchronization, but everybody does it. Syncing network files makes it easy to move new or updated files and file permissions, and keeps mirrored directories up-to-date. It's also a smart way to protect your data in the event of a disaster: File-sync tools let you plan for restoration and prepare scripts for recovering specific files.

An integral part of the DBSentry Solutions’ product suite, File Sync synchronizes network files, making it easy to move new or updated files and file permissions while keeping mirrored directories up-to-date. It is also a smart way to protect data in case of a disaster.

DBSentry FileSync® is a robust cross platform file synchronizer. Developed using the JXTA technology FileSync® delivers an application that provides transparent connectivity and ease of use. Modular design of the system allows one to interact with many document storage sources (Presently, Unix file system, Samhita® Document Management System, and Oracle's CMSDK are supported as server side document storage).

FileSync® For Professionals:

Professionals need practical solutions to improve their service to customers. Protecting and maintaining access to project data is mission-critical – a crashed hard drive can halt a business in its tracks. With Samhita® web access and DBSentry FileSync®, Professional never have to worry about which files are on their laptops again. Solutions bring a number of benefits to end users making sure they have access to the updated information round the clock.

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Benefits Include

Eliminates cost of physically distributing documents
FileSync®, allows one to share information easily. This feature is especially useful when people are working remotely and consistently traveling. Organizations save money and resources by providing their users with electronic versions of documents.

Eliminates inefficiencies and dependencies of email and Internet
Emails and intranet postings become a bottleneck and a source of outdated documents. FileSync® allows one to maintain same version of files on all of your machines reducing annoyance of copying files back and forth. When working on same files on different machines, it makes sure that working copy is the most recent copy.

Offers improved convenience and control over documents
FileSync® always ensures that user who are consistently traveling are always using the current documents. Without proper control and continuous monitoring it becomes difficult and higher chances for the remote staff to convey outdated or incorrect information. FileSync® automatically detects conflicts and replaces outdated files with the updated ones while uploading.

Comprehensive features based on latest technology and easy to deploy

  • Built using cross platform technology;
  • Built using JXTA P2P protocol;
  • Provides FTP like user interface that allows file transfer in both direction;
  • Resolves conflict in both the direction;
  • Allows user to change the direction of transfer;
  • Allows users to create profiles for different folders;
  • Requires very little configuration on the client;
  • Provides ability to talk to many document sources;
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