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The primary objective of the Professional Services team at DBSentry Corporation assist you in achieving productive use of DBSentry Corporations end to end solutions for document management. We strive to build solutions that will comply to your requirements and make your document management easier.

DBSentry Professional Services accelerates your deployment and optimizes the implementation of our comprehensive solutions in Document Management solutions providing training, consultation and conversion and Integration Services as per your requirements.

Our solution team comprise of solutions architects and engineers with strong functional and technical backgrounds, who can draft end-to-end solutions related to document management and work flow. Our proven methodology based on industry standards ensures rapid deployment of our solutions across your enterprise.

Some of the functions performed by DBSentry’s Professional Services Team include:

  • Working along with you to understand your business strategy and requirements.
  • Identifying business and technology challenges and providing appropriate solutions.
  • Adapting DBSentry’s methodologies to your implementation needs.
  • Partnering with you and your designated team to tailor the project plans to comply to your needs for training, installation, customization and deployment.

DBSentry Professional Services Methodology

Initiation Phase
-Detailed layout of Requirements along with Users and Process owners.

-Define Roles and Responsibilities.

-Project Objectives.

-Project Scope.

-Project Plan and Milestones

-Review Plans and Processes
Design Phase
· Evaluate Technical and Functional requirements.

· Review technical integration.

· Review Business Solutions Integration.

· Detailed design documentation.

· Analyze working procedures.

· Maintenance procedures
Implement Phase
· Configure H/W and Network.

· Review Design and configuration.

· Review Integration Points.

· Update Project Plans.

· Review Milestones

· Train the Users.

· Ready for Deployment
Test Phase
· Create a Test Plan

· Identify Testing Points

· Identify test plan participants

· Test standard DMS features

· Test customization and Integration

· User Acceptance Test

· Train advanced Users and Administrators
Optimization Phase
· Review performance of the solution as per deliverable agreement

· Improve performance bottlenecks if any during review process

· Prepare for Final Deployment
Deployment Phase
· Migrate from the development system to Production system

· Final User Acceptance clearance

· Hand over to the Support and Maintenance team.
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