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How DBSentry Corp. Can Help You?

DBSentry combines expertise and experience into providing integrated technology solutions for your electronic Document Management Systems needs. Keeping in line with our vision, we introduce our product as Samhita®, a time saving solution that will make your document management easier.

DBSentry approaches your paper related problems keeping in mind the challenges faced by the Operations, the IT Department and the End-users who deal with the paper documents on a daily basis. The result of this people centric and focused approach is a solution that addresses real-world document management issues and fits smoothly into existing business processes.

DBSentry also eases the life of your IT manager providing the best of breed technology that deploys rapidly and integrates seamlessly with business applications.

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A comprehensive and cost effective document management and workflow solution for addressing your most fundamental business challenges.
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- Lower your investments through Managed Services for Staffing Firms.

- Creating new waves Integrating with your Business Applications.

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